Her Secret Code

Brand/Logo + Website design for a community, lingerie boutique & female confidence, and health workshop provider based in Poland.

Logo & Brand Board

Branded Packaging

The main focus of the design was on creating the feeling of intimate luxury. The outer part is coloured soft warm pink to create an association with femininity. The inner part is dark-coloured to mirror the “darker” – often unexpressed, mysterious, hidden and outwardly not accepted side of women.

Her Secret Code Boutique - Website and logo design


A website for female-focused customers designed with a special focus on a strong feminine aesthetic. 

Feminine, Strong, Confident

The homepage was designed with an inspirational aesthetic in mind. With a strong focus on female empowerment, the website serves s a gateway to an independent boutique and promotes workshops.


  • Colour to black & white image transition on mouse hover
  • Email marketing software integration
  • Marketing funnels¬†integration
  • E-commerce integration
  • Blog
Her Secret Code - Website design